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Related article: Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 14:19:29 +0000 From: Troubled Kid Subject: Adventure-Training-1Disclaimer: The following is a storey of two teenager boys. While there isn't sex in this chapter, the storey will progress to that, so if you object to the idea of two consenting boys engaging in sex, you'd better go. Also, if it is illegal where you live for you to read this (i.e. under the age of consent for your country/state) then dont read any further. Also, if you are ONLY reading this for the sex, you should go buy a porn mag instead, because this is a storey, not a porn film, so the storey line and dialogue should be alot better ;-)This is LOOSELY based on myself and the people I know. Names and places have been changed to protect identitys and the storey it is alot diffrent from my real life. Apart from 3 or 4 main charecters, all other similarity between charecters and places and real people and locations is entirely accidental, so please accept my appologys.This is MY storey, so no copying, in part or in full. I give permission ONLY to nifty to post this. I give no permission to anyone else.I have written alot rather quickly so sorry for typos and mistakes, feel free to email me and point them out!Finally:Dedications:-To the real life version of James and Martin. For always being my best of buddies no matter what has happened and no matter whats been said. I'll love you guys until we all die bitter old men at aged 90!To Simon, for helping me realise a part of myself that I wasnt willing to accept until I knew you. I will love you in away that you will never know.And to Tyler, for talking me into inflicting this story Preteen Nymphets Bbs on to the world!-------------------------------------------------------------Adventure-TrainingChapter OneThe bus pulled up outside our accommodation. I always hated staying in youth Hostels. It was the only part of this trip I didn't like and I don't think I ever will.I've been coming to this same place in the peak district for 2 years. It would been 3, but the school had to cancel it once, due to a little thing called Foot and Mouth. Every park and farm it seemed was quarantined, so there was no way our adventure-training week would really work! The first time I had seen this place, it was looking allot worse. I was in year 10 back then. I'm not sure if everyone will know what that means, but it's the school year during which you have your 15th birthday. Back then, the place was rooting away. It probably wasn't any better now than it was 3 years ago, but the slap of paint and resurfaced paths gave it an appearance of safety.I was now in year 13, my final year of school. Back when I first came to this place, at aged 14, there was a large group of us. I have never been popular, in fact I would say that when I was in middle school, I was one of the most unpopular and most bullied people there! Things had quietened down now and I had a group of half a dozen people I could call friends. I had managed to convince them all to come along and that's when I fell in love with walking, abseiling, canoeing and all the outdoor stuff I love to do even to this day. The next time we came on this school trip, only myself and my two best mates, James and Martin came along. This year, it was only James. I didn't really mind. All my old friends are great but out of all of them, it was James that had always stuck by me and become my best friend.We all scrambled off the minibus and had our heads counted at we left. I thought to myself, 'surely it would have been better to check if we had left anyone behind BEFORE we left the motorway services?'. Oh well, teacher logic, I will never understand! The van with our bags driven by Mr. Davis, my physics teacher, arrived."James, Mark, over here.' He shouted as he got out the front door. The downside of being one of the oldest there was the responsibility you had. That's what the staff called it, to me it was just extra work. This time, it involved setting up a chain to pass all the bags out of the back. The three of us had them all off and on to the grass before the last minibus arrived."Where's mine?" A small voice asked from behind me. I turned round and was stunned! He was a kid I hadn't seen before, he must have been on the other bus because I certainly would have remembered him if I had seen him before! For one, I couldn't believe he was 14, let along 15! He was short, obviously one of the smallest in year 10 and without a doubt the smallest here. He had short curly brown hair and was grinning at me with the most amazing smile I had ever seen."Huh?" It took a moment for me to regain my composure. "Oh, sorry! We passed them all out to the lawn there, go have a look over by everyone else.""ok, thanks!" He kept on smiling as he turned and walked away. My eyes followed him until a shout brought me back to earth."HEY! Everyone! over here, now!" It was Mr. Smith. He was the PE teacher that was the most into outdoor activities than anyone I had ever met! He was the one who organised this huge trip of about 50 members of the school every year, and so he was the big wig around here. He was boss. Some of the younger kids were grabbing bags and walking off to talk to there mates, but had to now carry there packs back to the busses for the standard boring old safety brief.We stood around in a semicircle to listen. I couldn't see the boy I had seen earlier so he must have been standing behind me, but my mind wandered to him anyway. I couldn't believe I hadn't seen him before, because now I had, I couldn't forget him. I would be lying if I said I often noticed boys, but it had happened once or twice before. I had always been able to ignore any feeling I had and block them out of my mind. It was still worrying for me.I heard my name mentioned and my mind came back to the land of the living. "Mark and James here" he nodded in our direction "have been here twice before. They've done all the activities here and know what there talking about. So listen to what the say. When Preteen Nymphets Bbs it comes to you obeying them, they are as good as members of staff". I too was now grinning from ear to ear. Mr. Smith had given us power! I began to wonder if he was all that clever after all. Then again, he is a PE teacher......The kids ran off up to the room in the hostel we were using at the end of the talk. James and I stayed for the 'watch out for them / stop any bullying / make sure they keep the room tidy' talk before we grabbed our bags and head upstairs to the room. We walked straight in to a battleground. They were fighting over which beds were there's, which cupboards they could use. Who was going on the top bunk. It was chaos. I know from experience that there is nothing we can do but leave them so shout amongst themselves to sort out sleep arrangement. James and I found two bottom bunks opposite each other and near the door. The one I put my bag on was clear but the other had two arguing over who was going to sleep on top."Em Hmm" James coughed. The boys looked as him and there was an uncomfortable silence, then one pulled the bag of the bunk and James replaced it with his. I had to laugh! James was just like that with people. He seemed to just command respect. And with this lot, it was useful. One of the two that were arguing went on the bunk above James and the other on the top of the next one down, so they could still talk to each other. We put our stuff away in the drawers near us then settled down to talk. We would have an hour or two before the evening meal for us to all settle in.We were in the middle of recounting the first walk from last year when someone walked up to my bed and leant on the post supporting the top bed.It was the kid from earlier. "Mark..." How did he know my name? "Can I sleep on the top bunk of your bed?"."Wouldn't you rather stay over there nearer the ones you know?" I wasn't trying to get rid of him. I dunno why, but for some reason I loved the idea of him sleeping just a few feet away but I didn't want to seem too keen!"Nah, none of my friends came along on this trip, so Preteen Nymphets Bbs I don't really know anyone.""well I suppose, err,....""Simon""Well I suppose, Simon, that it's ok. I don't really mind""Thanks!" that grin reappeared as he left to get his bag."Who's that?" James asked once he was out of earshot."I have NO idea. He asked me where his bag was earlier and that was the second time I have ever even seen""That's really weird. He seemed to talk to you like he has known you forever!""I know. I don't know where he learned my name from......""HAHA!! You idiot!" He was smiling as he insulted me. We always did this, taking the piss out of each other while laughing. We knew not to take each other's micky takes seriously. "Mr. Smith told them all our names and said they should Preteen Nymphets Bbs come to us if they have any problems! God, I know you don't really pay teachers much attention but come on!"He was right. I never did pay much attention to what they all said. Adult are just really boring, and I hated the fact that I would be one in 3 months!Simon was back now. As he swung his bag up on the bed, his body came really close to mine and I had his crotch staring me in the face. I started feeling warm and I could feel a rise in my jeans. I was really freaked out by this, but I just ignored it and continued talking to James even though I couldn't see him with Simon in the way. We kept on talking about last year but my replies were on auto drive. My mind was somewhere completely different. Why did I get hard when I thought about Simons crotch? I tried to convince myself it was just because I was horney, I had been so busy getting read over the last 2 days I hadn't had a chance to relieve myself, but I knew it wasn't true. I had my eyes closed because every time I opened them, I was looking straight at him. With his arms up, sorting out the stuff from his bag, his tee shirt was higher than his jeans. I could see the top of his boxers and a thin band of flesh around his middle.He was perfect. No fat but not so thin that he was wasting away. He had the beginning of a six-pack. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else."MARK!""huh? what?""come on, wake up, I know you're tired, but we got to get down to dinner!" I wasn't asleep, but it must have looked that way, lying on my bunk with my eyes closed, trying not to think. I opened my eyes. Simon was gone, the noise had gone and James had changed his shirt. Maybe I HAD gone to sleep!I pulled myself off the bed and we headed down to the dinner hall. It was only a youth hostel so the food was mass-produced rubbish. You can have anything you want! So long as you want burger and chips! We collected our rubbish (aka Dinner) and looked for a place to sit. Simon was sitting on his own on a table near the window. He had both elbows on the table (my mum would have a fit!) and his burger between his two hands.I started walking to an empty table on the other side of the hall when James nudged me in my side. I almost dropped my food (what a shame! ;-])."Where do you think you are going? Mr. Smith said look out of them, and that one doesn't seem to have anyone to talk to!""ok, we'll sit over there." Like I needed to be asked twice! We headed over and took our seats. I sat down next to him and James opposite. I ate in silence and James rattled on like he always did around new people. At times I think he wants to say everything about himself the first time he meets someone, like he's afraid he wont meet them again! I have always been a bit different, letting people get to know me over time. Simon knew my name, that was enough for now.Simon finished along time before me and an even longer time before James, but he stayed with us anyway. I began to wonder if this would be the blue print for the week ahead.To be continued.......---------------------------------------------------------------------------Any comments? Suggestions? Spelling corrections?Email me!
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